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What plays in my car …..

– Om Shanti Om

– Saawariya

– Taare Zameen Par

– Jodha Akbar

– Jab We Met

I think Bollywood has come up with fairly decent music, in the past six months. Particularly, I would like to credit Monty Sharma (Saawariya) and Pritam (Jab We Met).

Coming from the ‘bombarded-by-MTV/Channel V’ generation, I find it very difficult to like Hindi film music, without catching the promos. Saawariya has been an exception. My favorite number – “Jab Se Tere Naina”.  I think “Masha Allah” and “Thode Badmaash” are a close second. It is sad that the movie turned out to be a debacle, but the music will count as its most presentable piece.

‘Jab We Met’ fantastic movie! And the music caught my fancy, only after I saw it for a couple of times. But OH! The numbers just rock! ‘Yeh Ishq hai” caught my attention (and Brat’s) first. But I just love “Aaoge Jab Tum Saajana”, “Naa Hai Yeh Paana (Tum Se Hi)”, “Hum Jo Chalne Lage” and of course “Mauja hi Mauja”. And all of them equally, at that!

So want to ride with me? 



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April Activities

I have been excited about Thunder Over Louisville and Georgetown Kite festival since I came back from India (late February).

Turned out we couldn’t head out to Thunder Over Louisville thanks to the weekend cold spell and rain showers. So missed this event for the n’th time in 7 years.

Now rain threatens to dampen the trip to Georgetown Kite festival. Hope the predictions are incorrect and we have a wonderful time at the Kite Fest!    


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The Kite Runner

I just finished reading this wonderful book by Khaled Hosseni. It is one of the finest books, I have read in recent times.

Somewhere in the personality and thoughts of the protagonist (Amir), we find ourselves. The book lays a heart wrenching scenario, and the long-term repercussions of Amir’s actions. Ashamed, you wonder what you would do in place of the protagonist. Perhaps it is the reason why you eagerly wait for the book to end, hopefully on a happy note. 

Most beautifully described, the story tugs at your heart. It deals with sensitive topics like Afghanistan pre-Taliban, rule of Taliban, unimaginable physical abuse, harsh reality of leaving your war-ridden country and moving onto greener pastures, and the unfathomable human psyche.

Highly recommended read!

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Recently B and I saw “An Inconvenient Truth”, by Al Gore. I thought that more than anything, the movie was political play. It focussed a lot on how Al Gore tried to bring this to the forefront in the past, and how the reality of Global Warming was not recognized and supressed for political reasons.

I am a part of the audience that beleives that Global Warming exists. I think I was looking for a list of things that I could do to prevent (at least restrict) my addition to Global Warming. The movie did nothing to cater to my needs.

So out of the multiple things that I have researched and now follow, here are two more to add to the list:

– Recycle paper products, and waste as much as possible (Yayy! Its finally available in our appartment complex!)

– Use recyclable grocery bags while shopping

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