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Excitement …


–¬†traveling for fun

– meeting new people

– seeing new places

– gaining new experiences

– breaking from the monotony of work

– starting the season of long weekends (whew!)

That is how I feel today! ūüôā Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


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Competition brings out the best within us, or the worst maybe ūüėČ . Now I never believed in being competitive in every aspect of life, till I met my hubby. I assumed that it was sufficient to be competitive in specific areas. For example, let’s say in studies –¬†so that you can get a good job, good money and the whole nine yards. Enter hubby! He believes you need to¬†fight to be the best in everything, including games! :O¬†Many a times I have found myself on the badminton court as his partner, with tears stinging my eyes¬†because of his (encouraging? criticizing? ūüėõ ) comments. I’ll be honest and tell you readers that on most¬†occasions we would end up winning after the incident. ¬†

Fast Forward 4 years – Both of us are these extremely competitive beasts, whether it be at¬†Sequence, Carrom, Pictionary or any other game. Our ‘marital discord’ includes¬†fights like the following:

–¬†¬†Your team did not actually¬†win that point. It was given to you, just because you’ll¬†protested loudly. (in Pictionary¬†or Cranium)¬†

– You won just because you got multiple Jacks (Sequence)

– You just won because your partners were more focused than mine! (Going through the mind of the¬†person at the receiving end – “Puhleeeeeezzzz!”)


ūüėÄ It sounds¬†hilarious, now that I am putting it in words!

So anyways, this weekend we had a get-together at our place, with dinner followed by Sequence! It was good fun! I found out that my MIL was as competitive as the mister. She claimed that I had¬†ALL the cards, and posed grave danger to¬†their team when it was my turn¬†ūüôā . Thanks to everyone, who made the evening memorable! ¬†¬†¬†

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Life is a celebration! Here’s to many more ……

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Iron Man!

If you missed watching Transformers in the theater (like me), and loved it on DVD, or just loved Transformers – period, this is one movie that you don’t want to miss!

Fantastic¬†visuals, brilliant screenplay and superlatively brilliant performances by Robert Downey Jr¬†and Gweneth Paltrow (in that order). Through and through a theater movie! B and I had just one word after we walked out of the theater “WOW”!

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