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Gazals, Love and the like

‘Tuzhse mil kar, Imli meethi lagti hai ….

Tuzhse bichad kar, Shehad bhi khaara lagta hai …..’

Translation: After meeting you, even sour Tamarind tastes sweet. In contradiction, on being separated from you, even sweet Honey tastes salty.

Wah! Jagjit Singh! I was listening to this song yesterday, while travelling back from work. So very true, I say! Life is just a tad easier because I am with B, and gets horribly depressing when I fight with him. Ha … ha ….    

On a side note – Gazals were never my kind of thing, until I witnessed a live program of Jagjit Singh in Atlanta. So (errr … belated) thanks K, for dragging us to the Jagjit Singh program and handling the drive too. 😀

Dad’s favorite gazal singer is Ghulam Ali. In the past, “Chupke, chupke, raat din …. Aasun bahana yaad hai” was about the one and only number that I could listen to. Anything beyond that was intolerable! 

So for all the Gazal haters, do give a live Gazal program a shot. It might turn out to be one of the best things you chose to experiment with. 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone!


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Today …

1) Is Vata Savitri (Mom called up yesterday night and reminded me! She claimed that on a previous occasion when she did not remind me, I was furious. 😀 I do not remember the incidence, but very well believe it. Funny, how the human mind works!)




P.S. Did not know that Karadaiyan Nombu  is celebrated for the same significance


What I will do: Probably learn how to make sweet Adai from MIL. OR Make sweet Sheera (aka Kesari).


2) I am left with the after-taste of “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. I cannot but help think of the very different lives, led by people (in this case – women) living in Afghanistan. How fortunate we are not to be uprooted from our home place due to war. Living a life, far far away from deceit, and women being treated as inanimate objects or worse, I think we are oblivious to this variation of life. Khaled Hosseni takes us over to that side, expertly juggling the incidents with our feelings. The book is just fantastic! I might be saying this for the second time, but “Hats Off to Khaled Hosseni”.


3) I wonder if I upset people, with my choice of words. That is definitely not my intention.


Err … I don’t know whether to take an offensive stance here, or a defensive one! I mean good, and I’ll end on this note! 😉 

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Traveling has been the norm for the past three weeks – Florida, Chicago and now Colorado! I haven’t been to the Colorado region; have seen tons of wonderful pictures and heard a lot of good things about the place. I have a friend, whose first home in the US was Colorado Springs. It has been 8 years since, and she can’t stop raving about the place to-date. So me really looking forward to the trip! 

Colorado is going to be a business trip. It will probably be filled with a whole bunch of meetings. But I am simply excited, just to get a glimpse of the place while driving, or through the airplane. Secret Wish – maybe we’ll visit a touristy spot, or at least drive through a part of the Rocky Mountain range. 😉

Going to a new place always reminds me of the places I need to visit, like Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, San Francisco and this list continues.

So my black travel bag, are you ready for more?

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