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Desert Rose

Sometimes your mind captures a snapshot, and it remains in your memory forever. I don’t claim to have a photographic memory. But a wonderful picture of our cactus plant with a yellow flower remains in my mind. My grandfather was a great enthusiast at gardening. Obviously, being in Bombay we dint have a garden per se, but we had about 12 – 14 potted plants in our box grills, over the balcony. We had tulsi (the mandatory plant in an Indian household), yellow and red china roses, white and pink roses and this absolutely wonderful cactus plant. The bright yellow flower on the cactus almost seemed like a blessing from the skies. 🙂 It happened only once, and never again. I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but those weren’t the days of digital cameras and camera phones. So the memory remains enclosed and safe, in my mind.

Grandfather is no more, and so is the case of the plants. Don’t you just wish sometimes that you were not miles away from home, frozen in a time where you were surrounded by your loved ones … like a blessing … like the yellow cactus flower!


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Group Dynamics

I have always been trying to seek a balance between talking too little and talking too much. Its been a long journey, and I am still not sure I have reached equilibrium.

I used to be the listener in group, when I was young. (Ok, ok, you can take a stab at me here! I am getting old. 🙂 But I feel 18 at heart; or isn’t that what everyone says?) Back to being a listener, I was the youngest kid in my apartment gang, my best friend was and is the most social and outgoing person that I know. I guess under those circumstances, I chose the easy way out.  I think I improved a bit in junior college, and a bit more in engineering college. I still think I could have done better.

Work life has made a huge impact in my social skills. Mind you, if I had to go out and give a presentation to our customers, on what I was doing, I would ace it! It’s the part, outside the presentation that would make me jittery. Anyways, I’m trying hard and getting better. I think I am more friendly with my colleagues these days. (Yeah great! After working with them for 20 months, big deal!) I wonder, if I am talking more than required though (?) – like literally what comes to my mind, at that instant.

So anyways, the goal is to be able to walk into a gathering at work or otherwise, smile a few smiles, make some wisecracks and evoke a few laughs, and most definitely not make it awkward for self. And … the battle continues!

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Saw this wonderful movie last night! Wonderful characterization by writer/director Abbas Tyrewala. Very rarely does a director do justice to all his characters in such a manner, from the very silly Sohail and Arbaaz Khan to the lead pair Imran and Genelia. The titles include a special thanks to Naseerudin Shah, and Man! does he light up the screen with his performance. Ratna Pathak Shah was good in her role. I think Genelia’s on-screen brother was cool too – perfect depiction of I-want-to-bring-my-popular-sister-down-to-the-earth, and yet being protective of her when most needed. Genelia sounds (literally) like being from the Priyanka Chopra/Rangeela Urmila genre. She carries her role to perfection. Imran Khan is good too; the role seemed tailor-made for him. I think both actors have a great future!   

I liked these songs:

– Kabhi Kabhi Aditi (strictly ok lyrics)

– Nazrein Milana

– Kahin To

Check out ‘Tu Bole Main Boloon’ for ARR’s use of musical instruments, commonly used in melodious English numbers.  

So I am going to stop raving, and let you watch the movie. Do let me know how you find it!

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