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News Update

Kashmir needs freedom from India: Arundhati Roy (08/19/08 )

Indian democracy unfair to Muslims: Shabana Azmi (08/17/08 )

Reading the above listed articles made me wonder:

1. Were these comments really made by the concerned people, the way they are portrayed in the article?

2. Is this a case of bad journalism? (as it tends to be these days, more of opinions and unchecked facts)

3. Should the leading newspapers in India degrade themselves to being mere tabloids?

Another article which shocked me was:

49 babies have died since January 1, 2006 during clinical trials at AIIMS

I wonder if I will ever send my newborn baby for a clinical trial. (Sorry! but I can’t help sounding judgemental here!) Read the link to listen to both sides of the argument.

Ciao for now!


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Yesterday night, I was (re-)reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was at the initial chapters reading about Dudley saying goodbye to Harry, experiencing the moment when both know that in most probability, they will never meet again. I thought the scene was wonderfully expressed by JKR. Separation is one thing, but mutual exclusion from the others life is a whole different story. I think we humans are not programmed well enough, for that.

I remember, when I was working at Patni Computers, and one of our seniors was heading out for a posting out of India. And I knew when he would return, I would have left to the US for my Masters degree. Now this person was not even a friend, just a colleague, but somewhere I knew that out paths would never cross. The goodbye was plain awkward; I was quite eager for the moment to get over.

I am glad we live in the age of the telephone and internet. My aunts have told me that they lost all contact with their friends after they (or their friends) got married and moved to a new place. I cannot imagine what I would do without email, phone conversations or even writing a post on this blog. So there are a fewer complete ‘separations’ in the this age and time, I guess.

It is nice to be able to say goodbye with the promise of meeting again, virtually or otherwise (obviously if the feeling is mutual); make an effort to meet with friends in the US when you visit their hometown, or catchup with them when you get back to India. A couple of years back I met my school friends in Chicago for a reunion, after 12 years (thanks to Orkut); it was great fun! So as much as we take it for granted, I am going  to say “Hail Modern Technology”!

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Last weekend B & I headed out to Cincinnati, to watch the semifinal match at the Western & southern Financial Masters and Women’s Open ATP tournament. We had purchased our tickets online for 40$ a piece. Unfortunately, after we purchased our tickets, Federer was kicked out of the tournament by Ivo Karlovic. So the semifinal at 1PM, which we were scheduled to see, was between Andy Murray and Ivo Karlovic. B & I were a bit disappointed that it was not one of the biggies like Federer or Nadal or Djokovic. But we just decided to enjoy our day – meet a friend on the way back, maybe head out to Ikea.

However, after parking we noticed people selling tickets in “black” for the seminal in the evening (Nadal versus Djokovic). As we started asking people on the way to the stadium, the price dropped from 125$ a piece to 45$ a piece. B and I thought, why not? And it turned to be one of the best decisions we have made. We got fantastic seats for the Nadal-Djokovic semifinal, about 12 seats away from court. (“Rockstar seats” as L from work would have described them, right in the middle of the action!)

We enjoyed the first semifinal – Andy Murray versus Ivo Karlovic game. The stadium wasn’t too too big, I’m guessing from the TV camera views of the Center Courts at the US Open or Wimbledon. Got to see Mahesh Bhupathi at the Men’s Doubles Semis.

The moment of the day was when we got to see Nadal practice. Here’s a picture:

I know I sound star-struck! But it was so unbeleivable!! Very rarely do you get to see your favorites in action, from such a distance. 🙂

Nadal lost 6 – 1, 7 -5. Djokovic played a great game, expertly testing the boundaries of the court, serving well and maintaining pressure throughout the game.  

B & I drove home happy, chattering about older tennis players – Becker, Edberg, Agassi, Philippouses, Jim Courier, Sergei Brugera, Ivanasevic, Krajicek, of course Sampras; some brilliant tennis games in the past. Summer is the time is meant for fun activities, and it couldn’t get any better than this. 🙂

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