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Watta weekend, I say!! I am sure all of you are enjoying the last few holidays of the season, before the draught hits.

Movies B and I saw:
– Slumdog Millionaire (Must see movie!! Fantastic plot and classic narration! Some of the events are not so pleasant and heart wrenching, but are very well embedded within the movie.)
– The Incredible Hulk (on DVD) (Loved it! Loved Edward Norton in the movie. Frankly, I could not sit through 10 mins of the first ‘Hulk’ movie, but this remake was too good. Fast paced and brilliant performances!)
– The curious case of Benjamin Button (Makes you feel curious, throughout the movie. Interesting concept and implementation, but a bit too long for my taste.)

Books that I gobbled up:
– Murder in three acts – by Agatha Christie – Regular Agatha Christie plot; I could not guess the murderer though. As usual, an ingenious way to murder. Reminded me of Byomkesh Bakshi!)
– Tales of Beedle the Bard – Interesting, a bit kiddish though! I wonder if this will lead on to a new series of books related to the wizarding world.
– Eclipse – Loving the book so far! The plot is much better than New Moon (I guess the presence of Edward makes all the difference!).

Of course, since the weather decided to be meherbaan, B and I could make our (now regular) visits to furniture stores, and strike off some purchases off our ever-growing list.

This morning, I actually felt enthused to come to work! Now, doesn’t THAT speak tons of the relaxing weekend, I had. Eagerly looking forward to the next one! 😉 🙂


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Christmas Memories

1. Putting up a stocking
2. Opening up the present from Santa, on Christmas morning
3. Christmas Carols
4. Eating mom’s favorite plum cake from Merwan’s

Overall, a relaxed time with family!

So as Christmas rolls through this year sing a Christmas carol (My favorite is ‘Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer’)! Bake a cake! Hope you have been a good person, and get a nice gift from Santa! Create new memories! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Happiness in spurts

The mister and I got a new HUGE flat panel LCD television last week. And while we were at the store there were sales for an accompanying home theater system, a blue ray player and what not. For a moment (or two) both B and I were tempted with the prices. But then I posed a question to both of us – Will we be happier if we buy all these things at one time? OR, just OR! Will we get more happiness, albeit in spurts, if we buy the individual items segregated over time?

B and I both agreed that we could only get as happy from buying all of the things at one time. Buying the items individually would give us more pleasure, at intervals chosen by us; the pleasure would suffice for a longer period of time than Option 1. Not to mention, that technology gets better and prices drop drastically over time; so you would end up getting a better deal by waiting anyways. So that made the decision for B and me.

What kind of a consumer, are you?

P.S. I hope that did not come across as a supremely materialistic post. It wasn’t intended to be one! 🙂

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