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Music Interest

Very rarely, I get obsessively hooked on to something related to television; Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has been the one recent exception. The show is currently playing Lil’Champs and I am going to make an attempt here to write a little something about it.

First of all, my favorites to win – 14 year olds, Arya Ambekar and Prathamesh Laghate

Let me introduce Arya Ambekar through this wonderful rendition of Asha Bhosale’s “Paan Khaye Sainyan”

She sings all songs from her soul. Honestly, I have not heard most of the Marathi songs played in these episodes. Yet, when Arya performs them, she explains the meaning behind the words through her heartfelt singing.

This is another of Arya’s number (from an older episode) that I love:

I think it is her best rendition so far. Other than this, I have loved Maage Ubha Mangesh and Ya Chimanyano.

Moving over to Prathamesh, I think, my knowledge of music is inferior to discuss his performance. I will let you have a look.

As the “Mega Final” is approaching, I would feel sad if both Arya and Prathamesh did not win. I don’t think it is fair to compare a male voice to a female voice. I hope Zee Marathi makes an exception and declares both as winners. Not to undermine the other 3 participants of the Mega Final; but I think that they cannot take a song to the level that Arya and Prathamesh manage to take it. Anyone else winning would be a shocker and, in my opinion, totally unfair.

I think my grandfather would have been very happy to see this program. And he would have been even happier to see the interest Sid (my brother) and I take in it. Who would have thought such a day would be here – Sid singing Marathi songs, and me discussing them with mom! Go ‘Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’!!


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Welcome 2009

A very Happy New Year to everyone!!

B and I had a wonderful long weekend, ourselves. A whole lot of rest, lots of good food, movies and games. 🙂 I must confess I enjoyed this weekend a little bit less than the earlier one; cause I know the next long weekend is 5 months away. 😦

Anyways, spent a simple new year’s eve with friends, with good food, games and lots of laughter. Crashed into bed at 1PM; I wonder if the simple and quiet New Year’s Eve approach comes with age!

We saw Ghajini; liked the movie. I had heard a few bad reviews so did not have any expectations; but the movie turned out to be quite ok. I had to close my eyes for a few violent scenes during the movie. Also saw Madagascar; did not like it that much.

Oh! Highlight of the weekend – Wii. We finally setup our Wii and loved it! My fav game so far, is Tennis. I had an aching arm the next morning from all the backhand cross-court shots that I hit. Looking forward to enjoying more Wii games!

New year resolutions?! – Well, just one – To do Yoga (a few Pranayam’s) everyday! (I don’t think that is asking for much. I will post an update here, on my progress 3 months down the line.)

Not really a New Year resolution, but an on-going action item – Continue to improve as a person. Learn good traits from people; try to incorporate them into actions. Observe the not-so-great traits, forgive – if you were negatively affected by it, and resolve never to affect someone else in the same way. As George Bernard Shaw says “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” And I signoff on this note!

Have a great 2009!

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