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It is that time of the year, when:
– you step outdoors without worrying about the cold air hitting you in the face
– you can exist with just a thin jacket
– you throw open the doors at home to let some fresh air in
– you start going for walks
– you take pictures of spring blossoms 🙂

Here are some pictures that I took this evening. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


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Mindless forwards

What is it about mindless email forwarding that bothers me? Let me define mindless forwarding first. It is the kind in which you haven’t written a word. It is the kind which would not impact the life (ok! thoughts – let me not be dramatic) in any form or fashion. It is the kind that you send to people without sending them any communication throughout the entire year (just choosing a random period, here).

Do people think that they are staying in touch, just by hitting the ‘Forward’ button? I would rather people write to me and ask me how I was doing, did I like the book that I last mentioned that I was reading, did I enjoy my parents trip to the US! I guess I am talking of personalization here.

I do understand if you are in a group, which communicates regularly (in person, or via phone, or even email), discusses a particular set of things, argues and laughs over issues, and THEN you forward emails to the gang. It is an (in the worst case, a sub-conscious) effort at personalization. Or if you read something that you know a particular set of friends and acquaintances will enjoy, and THEN you do the act.

I absolutely do not agree with adding your newest acquaintance to your email list and start bombarding them from the next day on.

Perhaps, you are thinking what brings this onslaught? A cousin got in touch with me this week, and after the first email (bam!) I start getting forwarded emails from him. Grrr … Maybe something is wrong with my thought process! Maybe someone can tell me the other side of the story. But as of now I am bit agitated with mindless forwarding.

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