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So, Brat & I saw Vaaranam Aayiram this weekend. I guess the title of this post about summarizes what I felt about the movie. I think the director was confused as to whether to make it a romantic movie, or a lessons-learnt based movie.

The movie was snail-paced. Nothing really happened, for the first half of the movie and more. It was about how the hero’s dad inspired him to become what he was, and his remembrance of the events at the time of his father’s death. I wonder why it had to heavily feature two of the hero’s love interests. And honestly my father has inspired me much more than the dad from that movie, and we don’t have a movie about our lives. 🙂

I wish director’s wouldn’t take good stars like Surya and Simran and make miserable movies like this one. That is a huge waste of talent.

Another thought on Tamil movies, why do heroes feel the need to do all the important roles in the movies, like Kamal Hassan in Dasavataram and now Surya in this movie (he is both the son and the dad). I think its an overkill.

Anyways, just felt like launching a complaint about a very bad movie (and I have great patience with movies)!! Do not see Vaaranam Aayiram, if you haven’t wasted your time doing that already. I wonder why I sat through the entire three hours??!!


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