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6 weeks notice

A perfectly magical period!!! I am blessed with a 6 week old daughter. Let me introduce you to Nan. Today she is wearing a shirt which says ‘best gift ever’ and that really about sums it up. Life seems so different; I cannot imagine another day without my darling. Feeding her, diapering her, staring at the multitude of expressions she generates within a minute, enjoying her relax on my shoulder, are a way of life now. Looking forward to sharing many new adventures with her.

I must mention the 6 week period that pregnant women are given to recover from their experience of child-birth. The recommended period exists across all cultures and both Mom and I think it is such a well thought-of timeframe. I have been feeling great for the past week, and today I feel even more terrific. I am getting back to my regular activities now; of course I am no where close. Brat and Mom have been great all along, also bearing my postpartum mood swings while they took 100% care of me and continue to do so. (Hats off to people who join work in 6 weeks!)

So before I eagerly move on to read the email from Baby Center in my inbox titled ‘Your 6 week old’, I would like to thank the lord for this little bundle of joy and taking care of me and my family.


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