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So here I am, looking at this box of Pampers Sensitive Wipes, while burping Nan; there is this cute little baby sleeping on his mother’s chest without a care in the world. And I start thinking:

1. Awwww ….

2. That peace can come only right after a feeding

3. How do people get their child into advertising?

4. Urgh, but that would mean you hand over your child to the people shooting the advertisement.

5. If so, would they want to give a bath to the baby, shampoo their hair, sytle it?

6. Also, who would be playing the mother? I mean all babies are perfect, but all mother’s aren’t. Who would the baby be lying on?

7. How on earth can people make their lil one go through all this torture?

That’s when I realized my thoughts had come to a full circle. 🙂 Thinking too much, clearly, does not do anyone any good. I decided to take it easy and enjoy the moments with my little girl, instead. 🙂


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Double Expresso Shots

Every three hours B and I scramble out of bed to feed Nan, soothe her, change her diaper and put her back to bed. And we have abosolutely no complaints the next morning as we run through our daily chores and her’s (ok, at least as of now! it’s just been eight weeks).

I think I know what keeps us going. Nan gives us the most glorious toothless smile with 100% eye contact, as her sparkling eyes deliver that very needed double expresso shot to get us through the night. She smiles at our silliest actions. And reptition rocks! Oh! the joys of being a parent!

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My little Simba

People who love the movie ‘The Lion King’ will understand my reference. For those who have not seen the movie (you poor souls need to see it right away!) here is the link to the video I am talking about:

Scene: Circle of Life; Rafique, the monkey, lifts the newborn Simba and shows him to all the inmates of the jungle. Everytime I lift Nan from her arms, I cannot but help compare the similarity of expression, the big wide eyes, the awkward hold of the neck and the arms hanging by the side. Kudos to Disney and the animation artist(s) who have captured this so accurately.

I write this in the hope that when Nan grows up, I can still remember this wonderful phase as I re-read this blog post. There are so many memories to preserve.

And while we are on the topic of movies, I saw these movies since New Moon, my last post:

Avatar – Beyond brilliance!!! Saw it in 3-D; loved the music and was amazed at the technology.

Wake up Sid – loved the simplicity of the movie

Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahani – strictly ok with only a few laughable moments

Pyar impossible – again ok with a few more laughable moments. Admired Anupam Kher’s timing of comedy

The Soloist – heart wrenching story and superlative dialogues. Another plus point Robert Downey Jr’s acting (did you expect less?)

Finally, Kurbaan – loved the cinematography and the fast pace of the movie; I would definitely recommend viewing it. (A comment on Vivek Oberoi – he acted really well in the movie, except for the last couple of scenes where his eyes were popping out of his skull. I thought that was pretty funny and obvious over-acting!)

That’s my update for the week! Enjoy the warm weekend!

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