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Roller Coasters ….

… are not my cup of tea! I vividly remember my first experience. It was the green caterpillar roller coaster (if you can call it that!) at the entrance of Appu Ghar (Delhi) about a gazillion years back. My head was spinning hard, once I got off it, and I did not venture on most of the rides in Appu Ghar. My poor parents must have thought purchasing my ticket was a waste of money.

My next experience with a thrill (why don’t we call it a KILL ride, instead) ride was the ‘4G Mars Attack’ at Epcot. Again, my first ride at Disneyland, and definitely not a fun one! I was queasy for an hour after the ride. A couple of years down the line when a young boy died on the ride, I gave a look to Brat. He deserved it. He was (and is always) the one, who insisted I need to give him company. The ‘look’ conveyed “It could have been me!”.

After that though, thanks to Brat’s insistence (he probably calls it a request for company), I have graduated to riding on indoor roller coasters. I have been brave enough to ride on ‘The Mummy’ in Universal Studios, ‘Aerosmith’ in Epcot and ‘Hollywood Tower of Terror’ in MGM Studios, Disneyland to name a significant few. However, just looking at outdoor roller coasters like ‘Mount Everest’ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the one in New York New York in Vegas, gives me the shivers. I just don’t understand how people can stand in long queues just to be terrorized in this fashion. (For me, the wait is more terrorizing than the 3 – 4 minute ride itself.) I wonder if Nan will be brave like her dad, or be a wimp, like me, as far as joy rides are concerned!. Either way works for me! She could give her dad company (sparing me in the process!), else we could be in the majority and just enjoy the simpler rides in the theme parks that we visit. Aaah dreams and possibilities!


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“Pattu, nee tunga”

‘Pattu’ is what the mister calls our lil one. Literally translated it means ‘silk’ in Tamil. And “nee tunga” means ‘go to sleep’. Everyday I get to witness this dialogue, about once or twice in the night with the lights dimmed and the exhaust fan on to create ‘white noise’. Brat gently telling Nan that she should sleep. It’s fun to watch the father-daughter duo. Based on her moods she retaliates with an encouraging yawn, a frowning stare, a complaining cry of help or merely an “aou” as she drifts off to a peaceful slumber. I absolutely love witnessing my family grow in this manner and I thank the Almighty for that!

I cannot believe Nan is going to complete a whole three months, this week. It’s a week of celebrations; Tamil New Year (Nan’s first!!) and her three-month birthday. Aaah, life is beautiful!

A very Happy New Year to all you Tamil folks and your families!

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