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Back to work ….

… after a long hiatus. I stayed home with Nan for the first eight months after she was born. I wasn’t keeping too well; took me all this time to get on my feet and (hopefully) endure an eight-hour work day.

I thought it would break my heart to leave my lil one at home and sit at a desk, but it has not been bad so far. Maybe it is the fact that I can work Tuesdays and Thursdays from home. Maybe it is the fact that I work close to home and can head back for lunch. (Ok don’t get jealous!) But it does feel good to be more than just being useful at home. (I actually organized the Mister’s closet. I have folded loads and loads of laundry. Not to mention perfectly organized items in newly purchased boxes that will be heading to the basement this week.)

I wonder if it feels this way because I have a working mom. I think it must be a tough choice for mothers, who have had stay-at-home moms. Many a times over the past eight months, (like all new moms) I have wondered if I would like to work or just spend my time with my lil one while she is little. As of now the answer is “Yes, I would like to work”. Possibly it is due to the comfort factor that Nan is with her grandma at home. Once she starts daycare and work gets hectic, will the answer be the same? Only time will tell.


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Just like that

Ok, so I don’t intend for this post to be satirical or deeply reflective, but you have to pardon me if it ends up being one. So, the MIL (mother-in-law), the mister, Nan and I went to the Hindu Temple this weekend as a part of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. We meet this lady, who is distantly related to me, is a year younger than me and has two kids. (Let’s call her Mrs. X. And let’s hope she does not stumble upon this blog, cause she will know I am talking about her.) So here’s how the conversation went.

Mrs. X: So is Nan in daycare?
Me: No, but she is going to join in November when MIL heads back to India
Mrs. X: Which daycare?
Me: A branch of the same daycare, which my office colleague L is sending her son to (Unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. X know L, so the conversation did not die at this point.)
Mrs. X: You know that L is going to send her son to our daycare soon, don’t you?
Me: (Silent)
Mrs. X: You know that it is a Christian daycare, don’t you?
Me: (Cloud over my head) I don’t care. I went to a Convent school myself. And I don’t think I am any less of a Hindu than anyone else I know. Besides I also know a ton of stories from the Bible. (/Cloud over my head) (Out aloud) (Silent) (/Out aloud)
Mrs. X: Our daycare is the best. It was very tough to get admission for my elder one in the daycare. They took my elder one only after we had the second kid.
Me (at this point, ready to pull my hair out): (Cloud over my head) Why are humans social beings??!! (/Cloud over my head)

Why do people feel the need to justify their choices to other people? And why do they think other people would care about it? I am a person of few words. (I hope) I don’t speak when not needed. I don’t give advice to random people, unless they ask for it. I don’t want other people to be exactly like me, but they could try to understand my personality a bit and just BACK OFF.(Phew! My blood is boiling even as I write this post.)

Anyways, writing this post watching the Nadal-Djokovic US Open final and hoping that Nadal wins. Only (a little bit of) time will tell. I can say though it is a highly explosive and inappropriate match for children to see. I happened to turn it on when Djokovic was smashing his racket alternatively on his feet, head and the ground. Both Nan’s and my eyes popped out of sockets. So I have resorted to seeing the score once in a while. Vaamos Rafa!

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Happy Teacher’s Day

A very Happy Teacher’s Day to all the wonderful teachers over the world. Remembering a few of my favorite teachers:

Miss Nophilia Suares – the best primary teacher ever! She was my class teacher in the 3rd and 4th standard. The only teacher I am in contact with these days. I am so glad I got to wish her on Facebook. I learnt that she is going to retire by the end of this year. The school will miss her for sure.

Pandit Sir – My inspiration and great support in 12th standard. Someone who believed in me and told my mom to do the same. 🙂 I wish there was some way in which I could get in touch with him. I have tried hard and failed. I will try again the next time I go to India.

Tulpule Sir – Engineering Drawing prof. We took tutions from him. My friend M recommended him to me, (and boy! though I hated the very few tution teachers I went to,) and he is one teacher I cannot forget. He would draw engineering diagrams at 180 degrees to his line of vision; meaning he would sit at a table and we would sit facing him and he would draw diagrams such that they were reverse for him and straight for us. I was in touch with him for quite a few years after I came here, but am not right now. Time to log into rediffmail and shoot him an email.

Professor Finkel – Operating systems guru at the University of KY. I am glad that I got a chance to take an independent study under him. Although I got a C grade in that subject I learnt so much. It prepared me for my career and a job duty that I love. I still have the final operating systems answer paper in which I got 99/100 and a remark of ‘Good’ from him. Aah, I do miss student life and such memorable ‘pat-on-the-back’ moments. Somehow the ones at work don’t make the cut.

A very special wish for all of these teachers.

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