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After a long time

I think this event deserved an update – two of my favorite cooks coming together on a show. I forgot to DVR it, but so was glad that I could catch it online.


Talking of favorites, India won the world cup! (And in my mind) For another favorite of mine, from 20+ years, Sachin Tendulkar! I have always wondered whether I will follow cricket after Sachin Tendulkar. Just the fact that I don’t follow IPL and T20 is a harbinger. (Sachin kept away from it for the longest time.) But I think I have a new favorite, Gautam Gambhir. He seems to be a very promising youngster, with a very cool head. I think his performance in the world cup final was very controlled. Agreed, he missed he fell short of his 100 by a mere 3 runs. And everyone remembers the big hits by Dhoni towards the end, but imagine playing like he did when the whole world thought that the world cup was out of India’s hands, given that Sachin and Sehwag were out. Kudos to Gambhir! My man of the match! The mister says that he is terrible at fielding. I hope he improves. And maybe I won’t give cricket up, after Sachin retires.


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