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Was so annoyed when I got back from work this afternoon! I have Windows 7 on my machine. I had locked my machine prior to leaving for lunch. My password had expired. When I tried to log back on, I got an error message “Your password has expired. Click Ok to change your password.” So I hit Enter and it just blanked my password without giving me an option to change my password. So I went through the same hoop all over again. Third time over, I decided to use my mouse to “Click OK” as they had requested. No change! Grrr …. Swore against the developer in my mind! That was three times over! Either change your error message OR change your code to represent the error message! Is it that difficult?

So I had to logoff. Enter my username and super long, super safe password, all over again, to be prompted with “Your password has expired. Click Ok to change your password.” And it finally worked!

Is there a place where we can submit these defects to companies? Would there be a prize for catching these defects, even though you are not an employee of the company?


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