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11 years back when we came to the US of A, I never realized what a big change I made in my life. Being 10,000 miles away from family is not a small thing. I did not realize the magnamity of the decision, back then. I do now!

That said I did not have the fear of moving to a new place, learning new ways and doing new things. Very recently, I have been fortunate enough to get a job in the very university I was educated in. As I walk down the university campus these days, so many things come to mind. I remember, free printouts was a big thing! They used to cost 10 cents a page, equals 4.5 rupees a page. Coming from a world of 50 paise per page, that was expensive! My friend Kan and I heard that the Medical Center had free printouts. So we rushed off in the direction of the Medical Center, to get free printouts of our resume for applying for some cafeteria job postings (!). We saw this tiny standalone building called “Medical Center Annex #5”. We went it and promptly started printing our resume. Imagine the surprise of the people who were sitting inside, not used to students walking in for printouts. Those poor souls let us take the printouts, but told us firmly that this was definitely not the place for free printouts. Ha ha ………. Now that I work in the Medical Center (it is HUGE!) and I pass by the Medical center Annex #5 building on my mid-morning walk, I smile to myself. How young we were! How carefree!

As I was hunting for jobs earlier this year, I remember debating between leaving the comfort of my town (11 years and counting!) versus looking for a job in my small university town. Of course, I chose the later! Moving worlds seems like such a big deal now! Secretly, I admire all friends who have made big moves, across states within the US, or across the seven seas. I hope I can bring in that courage one day, to venture into a whole new world ……… all over again! 🙂


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Read the trilogy by Stieg Larsson: –
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl who played with Fire
The Girl who who kicked the Hornet’s Nest

The plot was fantastic! A must read for all who love mystery/thriler fiction books. Book 1 and 3 were particularly terrific! You just cannot put them down. I’d rate those two as an 8/10. The 2nd book would be a 5/10. Get a friend to tell you what happens in the second book, if you are short on time.

And then I went into this phase, where I saw all three movies, the original Swedish ones, and the English version with Daniel Craig. I have to say the Swedish movie, compared to the English one was far better. The actors, the depiction, the accent (loved it!) seemed much more real than the English counterpart. Again, I would definitely recommend the movies! Thanks Amazon Prime for making them available!

Thats all for today! Have a wonderful day!

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