On being a Mom – 3

Oh! the joys of being a Mom! Yesterday, Nan and I were playing at home on a day off from school, due to severe snow. She looked at me (quoting her word-to-word) and said “Aai, you look like Belle”. (That is Beauty from ‘Beauty and the Beast’.) Heh! I was so thrilled. It must be true then. Children think their mother is the most beautiful person in the world!

I remember, we had a lesson in school about a Russian girl, who got lost in the fields. When people ask her to describe her mother, she said “My mother is the most beautiful woman in the world”. So they set off on a hunt to find the girl’s mother. They returned back with no success. After a while, a stout woman with a muddy dress and two front teeth missing arrived at the scene. field. She rushed to the little girl and picked her up. The little girl hugged her with equal affection, proudly pointed to her and said “Mom”. Quite a lesson for all of us – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


I am reading ….

Not a new year resolution, but a resolution all the same. I would like to keep a listing of the books that I read, and note a line or two about the book. I hope I can keep it up this year.

1. Only time will tell – Jeffery Archer

Rating: 7/10
Loved the book! Gifted it to Dad. Written in typical Jeffery Archer style with unexpected twists and turns. If you are a Jeffery Archer fan, you will not be able to keep this one down.

2. Immortals of Meluha

Rating: 8/10
Did not know what to expect out of this adaptation of Shiva’s life. And again, turned out to be a page turner. It makes me want to google about Lord Shiva’s life and read some of his stories. I cannot wait to read the next book in the trilogy. Glad we purchased the two books that have been published, thus far.

I am currently reading:
– The girl with the dragon tattoo
– Death Benefit

More later!

Software Idiosyncrasies

Was so annoyed when I got back from work this afternoon! I have Windows 7 on my machine. I had locked my machine prior to leaving for lunch. My password had expired. When I tried to log back on, I got an error message “Your password has expired. Click Ok to change your password.” So I hit Enter and it just blanked my password without giving me an option to change my password. So I went through the same hoop all over again. Third time over, I decided to use my mouse to “Click OK” as they had requested. No change! Grrr …. Swore against the developer in my mind! That was three times over! Either change your error message OR change your code to represent the error message! Is it that difficult?

So I had to logoff. Enter my username and super long, super safe password, all over again, to be prompted with “Your password has expired. Click Ok to change your password.” And it finally worked!

Is there a place where we can submit these defects to companies? Would there be a prize for catching these defects, even though you are not an employee of the company?

On being a Mom – 2

To follow schedule or let go, is the question. For the most part, I control Nan’s schedule, thereby the entire household’s schedule. I know for a fact that not following schedule leads to meltdowns. To list two of Nan’s BIG meltdowns:
#1 – On the train while returning from NYC to New Jersey
#2 – Dinner time at Buckhorn Lake
The meltdowns lasted 15 minutes and they came on because we (sharply) deviated off her nap schedule.

But if I put the 15 minute meltdowns on a scale and weigh them against the fun we had at NYC or Buckhorn Lake last weekend, the obvious choice would be the fun, deviating off schedules.

To Nan’s credit, she has behaved wonderfully on our trips out of town. I was listing the cities we have visited with her for her daycare project (yes! “All about me!” project!). We have visited Atlanta, twice, via road, Florida, Gatlinburg, New Jersey/New York and more recently Buckhorn Last State park. Not bad for a 20 month old, huh?

Yet, between Sunday night and Friday morning, I am all about following schedule for myself, and Nan, and thereby the mister. . I have known to be quite unwavering, even when I was at home with Nan and did not really have to report to work.

Sometimes I am envious of those mom’s who don’t follow any schedule for their babies and yet have happy babies. Something tells me that any mom will be successful at it if they try it. On the other hand, when I see mom’s who don’t step outside the house when it is their child’s lunch time, I feel glad that I am beyond that restriction.

I have seen myself growing as a mommy! From being extra careful with the little one till she was six months old, to choosing not to (over)medicate her for an ear infection. Some choices work well, some not so much! As of now I am glad I have the control (or so I think) of when to make the choice of following schedule or deviating off it. I’ll take it, as I learn newer and exciting things about being a mom.

Travel time

Reading this post from The Hindu, reminded me of my daily travel from Andheri (West) to TTC (Vashi). On paper, the journey was an hour and fifteen minutes. It probably took us around that much time (give or take ten minutes) in the morning. But on the way back, through the polluted and crowded highways of Mumbai, not to forget construction work, it took us as much as two and a half hours (give or take ten minutes). So what do you do with so much time? Well, you build relations for life, you speak your heart out to someone, you play cards, you scream if someone cheats at a game, you laugh and much more!

I traveled for a year in this manner. For the first part of the year, I used to sit with U, a friend from my neighborhood who I grew really close to, in those three to four months. (I think people would wonder if we were sisters) Towards the beginning of November, U had to leave for a posting to the United States, and thus started a new chapter in my life. I met five of the most wonderful people I have known. It is sad that I am in touch with just one of them (Rash), but I am glad that Facebook provides me with that opportunity.

I remember very clearly, there used to be a bus that would leave at 5.45PM and another one at 8PM. We would delay our departure, if the other members of the group could not make it for the bus at 5.45PM. We would play “Bridge”, one of the smartest card games that there is. The best part of the game is that it is played with two teams and hence the superb camaraderie in the group. We would have a terrific time, picking the perfect partners, bidding for a win, playing the game and screaming if someone from the opposite team cheated. Many a times we drew a stern look from someone, who might have been sleeping, to keep it quiet, but I don’t think it ever deterred our spirits. We would even have sufficient energy to eat some snacks at the Merwan’s cake shop or Thakkar, before we headed our individual ways.

Life was fun back then! Super simple too! When I look back, I wonder if would I have been able to carry out this three hour plus journey every single day, and take care of a baby? Perhaps not! But that is what carefree youth is for! Cheers to all my friends, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope you remember me once in a while, like I do!

On being a Mom – 1

I think I could write a series of posts on being a mom! Today is about a visit to the zoo. A few weeks ago, Nan, the mister and I made a trip to the Louisville zoo. I loved the zoo visit! It was a place where most moms were dressed in comfortable clothes (read loose t-shirts and shorts) and had a slight paunch (of course, from the birth of their child). Most of all, no one stared at you when your child let out a wail or threw a tantrum. To Nan’s credit she did not do much of either, but it made me realize, how much pressure I felt in the regular populace. I was totally relaxed at this venue.

Three cheers to the trip!

Update: – Recently visited the circus and felt one with the crowd too! Heh!


I was reminded of this dialogue from the movie ‘Music and Lyrics’, while driving to work and listening to a wonderful song. The mister and I discuss the importance of music versus lyrics on many an occasion. It seemed like this dialogue provided the answer to our banter.

“A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. But then, as you get to know the person, that’s the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It’s the combination of the two that makes it magic.”

Totally off topic, I read “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks a couple of weeks back and wanted to pen down this inspirational quote somewhere.

“When you are struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them it’s just as hard as what you are going through.”

Between the lines, I read – Don’t glorify your struggles. They are a part of life. Fight them and move on.

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful day!