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Just curious ….

As to how copyright works with television.

1. This morning to advertise “Wizards of Waverly Place – The Movie” the channel used the Harry Potter theme music
2. KT Tunstall song – “Suddenly I See” – usage in the movie “The Devil wears Prada” and the Chase commercial

Few of the mister’s discoveries:
3. Clair de lune’s piece used in Ocean’s Eleven
4. A million of Mozart’s and Beethoven’s symphony’s used in advertisements and background scores in movies (If you think you haven’t heard Mozart and Beethoven, you will be surprised when you start listening to their music.)

So does the original composer get credit, when his/her music piece is used? How does it translate to monetary benefits?


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One of my favorite songs

Absolutely love this song from Guddi. Would love to learn how to sing it without derailing! ūüôā

Singer: Vani Jayram
Music Director: Vasant Desai
Lyrics: Gulzar

Performed on screen by the lovely Jaya Bhaduri

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Music Interest

Very rarely, I get obsessively hooked on to something related to television; Marathi Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has been the one recent exception. The show is currently playing Lil’Champs and I am going to make an attempt here to write a little something about it.

First of all, my favorites to win – 14 year olds, Arya Ambekar and Prathamesh Laghate

Let me introduce Arya Ambekar through this wonderful rendition of Asha Bhosale’s “Paan Khaye Sainyan”

She sings all songs from her soul. Honestly, I have not heard most of the Marathi songs played in these episodes. Yet, when Arya performs them, she explains the meaning behind the words through her heartfelt singing.

This is another of Arya’s number (from an older episode) that I love:

I think it is her best rendition so far. Other than this, I have loved Maage Ubha Mangesh and Ya Chimanyano.

Moving over to Prathamesh, I think, my knowledge of music is inferior to discuss his performance. I will let you have a look.

As the “Mega Final” is approaching, I would feel sad if both Arya and Prathamesh did not win. I don’t think it is fair to compare a male voice to a female voice. I hope Zee Marathi makes an exception and declares both as winners. Not to undermine the other 3 participants of the Mega Final; but I think that they cannot take a song to the level that Arya and Prathamesh manage to take it. Anyone else winning would be a shocker and, in my opinion, totally unfair.

I think my grandfather would have been very happy to see this program. And he would have been even happier to see the interest Sid (my brother) and I take in it. Who would have thought such a day would be here – Sid singing Marathi songs, and me discussing them with mom! Go ‘Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’!!

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Saw this wonderful movie last night! Wonderful characterization by writer/director Abbas Tyrewala. Very rarely does a director do justice to all his characters in such¬†a manner, from the very silly Sohail and Arbaaz Khan to the lead pair Imran and Genelia. The titles include a special thanks to Naseerudin Shah, and Man! does he light up the screen with his performance. Ratna Pathak Shah was good in her role. I think Genelia’s¬†on-screen brother was cool too – perfect depiction of I-want-to-bring-my-popular-sister-down-to-the-earth, and yet being protective of her when most needed. Genelia¬†sounds (literally) like being from¬†the Priyanka Chopra/Rangeela Urmila genre. She carries her role to perfection. Imran Khan is good too; the role seemed tailor-made for him. I think¬†both actors¬†have a great future!¬†¬†¬†

I liked these songs:

– Kabhi Kabhi Aditi (strictly ok lyrics)

– Nazrein Milana

– Kahin To

Check out ‘Tu Bole Main Boloon’ for ARR’s use of musical instruments, commonly used in melodious English numbers.¬†¬†

So I am going to stop raving, and let you watch the movie. Do let me know how you find it!

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Gazals, Love and the like

‘Tuzhse mil kar, Imli meethi lagti hai ….

Tuzhse bichad kar, Shehad bhi khaara lagta hai …..’

Translation: After meeting you, even sour Tamarind tastes sweet. In contradiction, on being separated from you, even sweet Honey tastes salty.

Wah! Jagjit Singh! I was listening to this song yesterday, while travelling back from work. So very¬†true,¬†I say!¬†Life is just a tad easier because I am with B, and gets horribly depressing¬†when I fight with him. Ha … ha ….¬†¬†¬†¬†

On a side note – Gazals were never my kind of thing, until I witnessed a live program of Jagjit Singh in Atlanta. So (errr … belated) thanks K, for dragging us to the Jagjit Singh¬†program and handling the drive too. ūüėÄ

Dad’s favorite gazal singer is Ghulam Ali. In the past, “Chupke, chupke, raat din …. Aasun bahana yaad hai” was about the one and only¬†number that I could listen to. Anything beyond that was intolerable!¬†

So for all the¬†Gazal haters, do give¬†a live Gazal program¬†a shot. It might turn out to be one of the best things you chose to experiment with. ūüôā

Have a good weekend everyone!

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What plays in my car …..

– Om Shanti Om

– Saawariya

– Taare Zameen Par

– Jodha Akbar

– Jab We Met

I think Bollywood has come up with fairly decent music, in the past six months. Particularly, I would like to credit Monty Sharma (Saawariya) and Pritam (Jab We Met).

Coming from the ‘bombarded-by-MTV/Channel V’ generation, I find it very difficult to like Hindi film music, without catching the promos. Saawariya has been an exception. My favorite number – “Jab Se Tere Naina”.¬† I think¬†“Masha Allah” and “Thode Badmaash” are a close second. It is sad that the movie turned out to be a debacle, but the music will count as its most presentable piece.

‘Jab We Met’ fantastic movie! And the music caught my fancy, only after I saw it for a couple of times. But OH! The numbers just rock! ‘Yeh Ishq hai” caught my attention (and Brat’s) first. But I just love “Aaoge Jab Tum Saajana”, “Naa Hai Yeh Paana (Tum Se Hi)”,¬†“Hum¬†Jo Chalne Lage” and of course “Mauja hi Mauja”. And all of them equally, at that!

So want to ride with me? 


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