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Long time no see!

I am back to blogging. Life has been a roller coaster ride for the past month and a half. The mister and I are finally settling into a nest of our own. It feels great!

This post is not about that, though. It is a tribute to my teachers, who encouraged me and have made me what I am today. Many a times we doubt ourselves and the direction in which we are headed. I have been fortunate enough to be guided by these fantastic mentors, who have gently boosted my self-confidence, and led me to do the thing that I like doing the most, profession-wise.

1. P. Sir – From my classes in 12th standard. He supported me and believedin me, when I was undecided whether I was going to take up engineering or medicine till the last month of the board exams. This was the time when people knew they wanted to do IIT, or skipped Biology because they wanted to go in for an engineering degree, basically something really smashing. That was not the case with me. I don’t know why I chose to be ordinary/undecided. P. Sir calmed my mother, saying I was a good student and would make my decision when the time was right. It is good to have someone believe in you, when you don’t believe in yourself. 🙂

 2. Dr. F. – from Masters. I guess I was foolish enough to take an independantstudy under him. It was the only course in which I got a C grade. Considering I had straight A’s in most of the other courses that was the most miserable performance in my Master’s degree. All said and done, the work I did with him has tremendously helped in my career choice. Dr. F. once told me that the level of detail that I included in my work was fantastic. Coming from him, that description of my work was HUGE! Can you imagine what a confidence booster that was, and still is. 🙂

 3. Finally Dr. RR – Boss at my first workplace in the US. Actually less of a boss, and more of a mentor. He encouraged and supported my work, carved a position for me in the organization. This was when I was a fresh graduate. And even though I have moved on my work is still appreciated at the old work place. Can there be a better compliment to him than this?

 Why do I write this today? For a big ‘THANK YOU’. And while I may not be in touch with all of you today, I think of you and appreciate the way in which you have touched my life!


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